The Wellness Components


Physical Wellness: It concentrates on getting in shape, shedding extra pounds, rejuvenate body with healthy eating, restful sleep, vigorous exercise and a new look. Social Wellness : It focus to improve social and communication skill of an individual. Emotional Wellness : It aims to get more out of every day with laughter and enjoyment, to reduce stress. Spiritual Wellness : It emphasizes on spiritual renewal and inner peace. Nutritional Wellness : It focus to achieve maximum energy levels through healthy eating. In order to attain nutritional wellness, an individual must reduce fat,eat more raw fruits and vegetables, eat less fried food, learn new recipes, serve healthy food at home, eliminate junk food, drink plenty of sugar free liquids or juice.

Relationship wellness : It focus on recapture the spark and zeal of personal relationships. Financial Wellness : It focus on people to establish financial bonds. In order to foster financial wellness a person must create money management goals, spend less money, get out of debt, set up saving plan, donate some savings to a charity, shop garage sales and on-line auctions. Personal Wellness : It emphasizes to enrich personal life of an individual through growth and change. In order to accomplish this aim, a person must see a fashion consultant to keep himself/herself update, whiten teeth, lose weight, polish shoes, get a new piece of jewelry, clean bedroom and other living spaces, prevent injuries and observe safety.

These allergies bring on symptoms of itching, often so severe that a dog will spend much of his day scratching himself in turn causing hair loss or even hot spots. Another symptom is sneezing. Consider taking another road to get allergy relief for dogs and that road is nature’s path – giving your dog relief and comfort, and making the rest of the family relieved from the anxiety of watching an unhappy pet. Pet wellness is all about a happy, healthy energetic pet and using natural or holistic approaches to health problems. This is a very good place to start before spending loads of money on vet bills and medications. Not to mention nature’s path is above and beyond safe, inexpensive and successful, and what people used for years before veterinarians became too available.

Here you will find an unsurpassed allergy relief for dogs that will have you wondering why on earth you haven’t looked into natural remedies for pets before. This is a very successful treatment; however, about 80% of dogs are allergic to grains so if you are sure your dog is not one of them then this a good natural root to take. I have found it successful with my Saluki, in which it is very common to have dry sensitive skin even without an allergy. I like to test and experiment with natural products before I write about them so here is what I did.

How did I find out if my Saluki was allergic to oatmeal or not? Simple, I made up this colloidal oatmeal from home and used it on a small portion of his skin. I did this for one week, each day checking to see if the area was in any way agitated or if he was scratching. With this came an energy increase and a happy, well, back to normal dog. But because I know that many dogs are allergic to oatmeal I sought to find another natural solution. Once again, take care to ensure your dog IS NOT allergic to grains before utilizing colloidal oatmeal rinsing. In the event your dog is allergic to grains, don’t worry there is another unsurpassed allergy relief for dogs but this one comes with a story first.

I have had two success stories of my own with this herbal tea rinse, and I believe it offers an unsurpassed allergy relief for dogs but does not pose an allergy threat. This is the one I love and not just for my dog. My husband has terribly dry flaky skin that requires he use an over the counter, specially formulated medicine for his shower and then furthered by a all body lotion. He hates applying the lotion because it is thick and takes to much time to put on and leaves him feeling sticky afterward. I decided one day I would see if this herbal rinse would work as well on him as it did my Saluki and low and behold it did.

Success story number two involves my one year old Saluki, Mystic Moon and goes like this. Although I knew the colloidal oatmeal bath would work, I wanted to test out this herbal tea rinse that was highly recommended by our holistic vet. I figured I would wait until Mystic Moon needed another rinse for his dry skin. But something else took place that made his dry skin really act up and that was when we went on holiday for a week. Mystic Moon stayed with his sister in the small little privately owned sanctuary we got him from. It was highly effective within about 24 hours and by 48 hours and he was scratching and whining no more and his hot spots had cooled down by about 90%, and totally gone by the third day.

Add 5 green, chamomile or Tulsi tea bags to 2 quarts very hot water, steep until water is cool (I recommend 3 hours to allow for the maximum amount of polyphenols to exit the teabag and enter the water). Remove tea bags and pour the cooled rinse over your pet from the neck down. It is preferable that these rinses are used in the tub as opposed to outside. Massage into skin and do not rinse. You can also refrigerate used tea bags for a soothing topical poultice for hot spots or rashes. If you notice your dog biting and scratching his paws they could be getting the bulk of the allergy annoyance.

A good allergy relief for dogs in this instance is a simple yet effective one. Bathe your dog in Epsom salt, allowing his paws to soak for a while in the bathtub. Just take care not to let him drink the water. If you are not able to keep him in the tub for long than do it several times a day for shorter periods. Altering your dog’s diet could put an end to needing allergy relief for dogs. It is important to know that many dogs will get allergy relief when their owner takes the time to find out what he is allergic to and makes the necessary changes to bedding, diet or environment, totally eliminating allergy symptoms.

This can sometime be time consuming as you make changes to their diet, surroundings, etc and try and narrow down the cause but can you money if you can find the culprit. Or, you can visit your vet and ask him to perform the necessary tests to determine the causes of your dog’s allergy. I previously had an amazing German Sheppard named Mishka for about 13 years, who I recently lost due to old age and joint degenerative disease, of which it became time to euthanize him. During my time with Mishka I was not switched on to natural remedies for pets and used over the counter products for flea and tick assistance. They worked only after about 2-3 applications, which terribly disturbed his skin, gave me headaches and then required that I get more medical attention for him for his messed up skin due to the chemicals in the tick products.

Updated on March 4, 2019 Peggy Woods moreMy mother was an excellent cook who taught me childhood lessons in the kitchen as she cooked from scratch. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. You are most welcome. It is fun learning about foods of which we are familiar, at least I always find it to be so. I did not even know that bitter melon could be purchased in cans. The canning of food often changes the flavor and texture when it comes to fruits and vegetables. We would rather purchase frozen fruits and vegetables if fresh are not available. Perhaps you will get to enjoy the fresh bitter melons when you make a trip back to the Philippines.

It has been almost a year that I have not eaten bitter melon. It is very seldom that I can find this vegetable fresh from the Asian shop here in Germany. I don´t like the one in the cans. Have a great day Peggy. We have lots of little Mexican markets but to my knowledge we do not have a Cardenas. The best deals on avocados that I have found in our area is at Aldi’s. 29 cents or as high as 39 cents certainly beats the prices in other grocery store! We stock up on them there as well as some of their other fresh produce.

There are some 99 Ranch stores near where I live, but I have never been. I have been to smaller Asian markets in my area, and there are good deals to be had on produce. Another store that I like in my area is Cardenas, which sales Mexican food, and also has a food court. They have a bakery where they make fresh tortillas, and a wonderful produce selection. I always find the best avocados there. Nice that you have been introduced to eating bitter melon in that way. It is reported to have great health benefits. I am also having problems with leaving comments and/or sharing. Some seem to register and others do not. As to seeing emails, my gmail account has so many thousands of notices that I hardly pay attention any longer.

I guess I should check it once in a while. Tried and tried last night and again today to leave a comment on your hub about the painted cows in Houston. Managed to share it and to pin it to AH, but wouldn’t let me leave a comment. Wrote you an email about it. Other hubbers are having the same trouble with other comments, etc., and they are talking about it in the forums. So I’m leaving a quick comment here in hopes this one will work. Well, it let me leave a comment on this one. Maybe it’s the fact that the other one is in the display that is causing the trouble?

There has to be a reason that one doesn’t accept comments but this one does. Apparently in parts of the world it is used by many people no matter what it is called. The Oriental market here in Houston sells loads of these melons or gourds. Still haven’t had a chance to try these though they do sound interesting and enticing and your photos are beautiful as usual. Especially curious about the health benefits. I was talking about this with a friend who has diabetes and she wondered about just taking this in capsule form. Are the leaves as bitter tasting?

I am going to try some of your suggested ways of eating it. I am growing some Chinese eggplants in our garden so will have a steady supply of those on hand to be mixed with more bitter melon when I purchase it. Thanks for coming back and telling us the various ways you like eating it. Love bitter melon. I stuff it with ground pork, shredded mushrooms, and cook it in a broth. Add green onions at the end and you have a delicious healthy soup. It’s great that you’re trying new food. 6 years ago from Neverland – where children never grow up. I always love with bitter melon.

Nice to know that you enjoy the taste of bitter melon. Do you have any specific recipes you follow? Thanks for your comment. 6 years ago from Neverland – where children never grow up. Is it the taste of the bitter melon that you do not like? I plan to do some more experimenting with it and trying different ways of preparation. How have you eaten it in the past? As you said, it is fun trying new foods and learning how best to bring out the best flavors. I still have some experimenting to do with regard to bitter melons. The health benefits have me intrigued.

Thanks for your comment. I’ll just bet that you can find bitter melons in the UK if you have stores that feature foods from around the world. Happy hunting and shopping! Thanks for your comment. You are very brave to try something new like this. I don’t think I’m that brave. I don’t care for bitter food. Good informational Hub, though. I’ll vote your effort UP, etc.etc. I always wondered how this bitter melon was used. The health benefits sound good. It is great that you try new things with new recipes, as it sometimes get very boring using the same old foods.

A new one on me. It looks and sounds good though. Now will I be able to find it in the UK? Thanks for the tip about soaking the bitter melon in salted water and then rinsing thoroughly before cooking. Will give that a try the next time! Appreciate your comment and the sharing of this hub. I have been using bitter melon in my cooking and usually stuff with lots of spices and cook them. Wash it thoroughly and then cook. Good luck with your grocery shopping and search for bitter melon. I would suggest watching some of the videos to determine the different ways of preparing it. Always fun trying out different foods! Thanks for your comment and vote up.

I think that I will try it in soups and with some meats like your grandma used. The bitterness is probably diffused somewhat with more flavorings. I am not intrigued with using it in more preparations. But knowing the health benefits and seeing the videos on different ways of preparing it, I’ll be trying it again. I did like the salad I made especially a few days later as it seemed to mellow somewhat. I can certainly understand why children would not tend to like it. Do you cook with it now? Thanks for your comment. I learned a lot about bitter melon when I started researching for information to include in this hub.

It is a bit of an acquired taste, but I can certainly understand why people with conditions like diabetes, etc. (in consultation with their health care providers) would be wishing to use it from what I have read. Thanks for your comment and vote. I left a link to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in this hub. You might find it and similar articles of interest. They do NOT advise that pregnant women consume this fruit nor that children eat the seeds. People already on diabetic medication should probably talk to their doctors, because apparently the meds combined with bitter melon can actually cause low blood sugar.